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Crohn’s disease may develop from warped immune cell signaling during bile acid exposure

Study reveals how T cells in the small intestine respond to bile acids, offering localized treatment direction for a cause of chronic illness.

Summer 2018 Interns!

We trained Courtney Hegner (SURF Program) and Brendan Arp (Kenan HS Fellows) for the summer.

“GoldiRunx and Remembering Cytotoxic Memory”

The molecular basis for T cell memory differentiation remains elusive. Wang et al. (2018) identify Runx3 as an initiating transcription factor that specifies regulatory regions required for cytotoxic T cell (CTL) memory differentiation early after TCR signaling and constrains the ability of T-bet to drive terminal effector generation.

Skaggs family “transformational” endowment gift

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) announced that the Skaggs family has made a lead gift through their foundations toward TSRI’s $100 million campaign to establish fellowships for all students in its Graduate Program.

Finding the master switch

Scientists discover possible master switch for programming cancer immunotherapy